Aisino overseas product line

Aisino overseas product line is a series of end products designed on the basis of the features in foreign tax informationization market, including high end intelligent machine ASE-3020R, low and mid end ECR billing machine APE-7020R and Dongle product AWB-8000 that is used to connect to the billing software on computer. In beautiful, stylish and simple appearance, this series of products feature perfect fiscal functions and powerful network transmission functions. They are good helpers for business management and can satisfy the needs of different users and different scenarios.

Wireless Data Terminal ASE-3020R

Peripheral Devices

Barcode scanner, MISPOS, cash box, USB HOST port, USB DEVICE interface, dot matrix printer, netmeeting handle


CPU:Samsung S5PV210
ROM: 4G-16G
Memory Card:Support
Screen:800x480 resolution and 7 inches of capacitive touch screen

Built-in modules:

non-contact IC card reader module
C card reader module
Thermal printing
Client display
3G wireless network access (support WCDMA / CDMA-2000 standard)
Fidelity speaker, MIC

Brief Function Introduction

ASE-3020R is a multi-application smart information terminal. Adopting advanced IoT communications technology, information security technology and RFID technology, it can effectively help companies integrate multi-channel marketing platform, do a good job in client management, improve client relationship, analyze and mine potential data and launch marketing advertisements and meet their customized demands.

Fiscal Cash Register APE-7020R


APE-7020R is a fiscal ECR product and boasts powerful sales management, report management, tax control management and network management capabilities. It is a good helper for business management. Its features are as follows:

Built-in separate tax control module supports tax control billing and can store 5-10 years of fiscal data;
Can generate and print fiscal receipts, with a fiscal code and two-dimension code for bill check;
Built-in wired network module achieves wired device networking;
Built-in WiFi and WCDMA wireless modules can achieve wireless networking anytime and anywhere;
Support offline and online billing, with billing data automatically transmitted when the network is connected;
Optional built-in RFID reader achieves membership management.


ModuleBasic ConfigurationOptions

CPU32-bit ARM7,frequency up to 80MHz

Memory32MB SDRAM

FLASH16MB Nor Flash

240 * 128 Dot Matrix FSTN LCD

10-bit “15-segment” LED

PrinterBuilt-in 58 mm wide thermal printer80 mm wide thermal printer

Keyboard69-key mechanical matrix keyboard

  Built-in, WCDMA;

 3G Wireless ModuleWith SIM card slot, user-friendly;

  Support built-in and external antennae, optional;

 WiFi Wireless ModuleBuilt-in, compatible with 802.11b/g/n;

Network Built-in antenna;

 LAN Wired ModuleBuilt-in, can access to ethernet, or externally
connect with a modem for PPPoE dial-up

 RS232 SerialDB9*1, RJ11*2;Can connect with PC host,
MISPOS, electronic scale, scanner, stylus,
printer, etc.

InterfaceUSB InterfaceHOST * 2, Can connect with USB storage
device, USB keyboard, etc.;

 Internet AccessRJ45 * 1, can access to ethernet or connect
with a modem for PPPoE dial-up networking;

 Cashbox InterfaceRJ11 * 1, can connect with standard 9V

RFIDBuilt-in RFID reader module, compatible with
ISO14443 A / ISO14443 B protocol;

 Built-in tax control module, with a fiscal memory up to 4GB;

Tax ControlTax control module can be safely issued without disassembly;Optional

 Can generate an unique fiscal code for each bill and print it on the bill;

BatteryBuilt-in 7.4V large-capacity lithium-ion battery supports emergency
work for a certain time after power off.

Tax Control Data Reporter




AWB-8000G/W/L is a highly reliable tax control data reporter and achieves billing data transmission through a USB connection with corporate PC; It supports WCDMA 3G or WIFI wireless network data communication model to complete the data interaction between corporate data and tax agency backend server. AWB-8000G/W/L tax control data reporter provides a data storage capacity up to 4Gbytes and can reliably save 5-year billing data of the customer.
AWB-8000L dongle needs the cooperation of Aisino’s special-purposed client billing software.

Built-in tax control module to achieve tax control billing;
User data transmitted to data reporter via USB interface;
Supporting online or offline billing;
Supporting real-time and timed data transmission;
Built-in RTC

Core Parameters

CPU:32-bit ARM
Operating System: Linux
Data Communication Mode:WCDMA 3G, WIFI
Data Storage: 4GBytes
Interface: USB DEVICE
Power: DC5V ± 0.5V @ 500mA (direct power supply via USB)
Working Temperature: 40 °C to 85 °C