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Aisino Wins the Bid for the Construction of Agricultural Big Data Platform in Changji Prefecture, Xinjiang

  Recently, Aisino Co., Ltd. won the bid for the construction project of Changji Prefecture Agricultural Big Data Platform of Xinjiang Changji Prefecture Agriculture and Rural Bureau. This project is the first prefecture-level agricultural big data platform project of Aisino in Xinjiang.

  The project is committed to building a smart agricultural and rural big data platform with Xinjiang characteristics. Based on the overall idea of digital transformation of agriculture and rural areas and rural revitalization and in accordance with the requirements of intelligent agricultural production, online management, data management and online services, the platform will build a "1+3+N" system architecture, that is, “one center” (Changji Prefecture Agricultural and Rural Big Data Center), “three sectors” (smart agriculture, smart countryside, rural revitalization management) and data integration of “N” platforms. Relying on the integration and development of a new generation of information technology with agriculture, rural areas and farmers, it is expected to achieve “one-network handling” and “one-network unified management” for planting industry production services.

  In the future, Aisino will continue to actively participate in the construction of digital villages in various places, facilitate the modernization of agricultural and rural development, and inject new impetus into the construction of digital China and the strategy of rural revitalization.