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Aisino Wins the Bid for the Self-Service Terminal Social Security Business Upgrade Project of Xiamen Taxation Administration

  Recently, Aisino Co., Ltd. won the bid for the social security business and the tax characteristic business management system of the electronic taxation bureau - external sharing platform and the self-service terminal social security business upgrade project of Xiamen Municipal Taxation Administration, SAT: self-service terminal social security business upgrade (Contract Package III).

  The development of this project is an important measure taken by the Xiamen Taxation Administration to promote the implementation of social security tax-related policies, make payers achieve a senseless conversion and improve the quality of service. Aisino will add social security-related business functions to the existing tax self-service terminal in accordance with the requirements of the Xiamen Taxation Administration and upgrade the self-service terminal social security business. The reformed tax self-service terminal will meet the needs of payers to handle related social security services and provide strong support for the improvement of social security taxation work in Xiamen City.

  Winning of the bid is another application of Aisino in adapting to the tax administration-side business market situation and expanding self-service terminal business functions. In the future, Aisino will continue to provide terminal products featuring strong technology, comprehensive business and rich functions for local and municipal tax bureaus through innovative customized services.