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Aisino Wins the Bid for the Sub-Project of the Tax Network Trusted Identity System of the State Administration of Taxation

  On November 3, 2021, Aisino Co., Ltd. won the bid for the tax network trusted identity system sub-project of the electronic invoice service platform project of the State Administration of Taxation (the first package: unified identity management platform construction and system integration).

  This project is the foundation of the digital transformation of tax collection and management and the cornerstone of the “Golden Tax Phase IV” network security system construction. Its main construction contents include: formulating the standards and specifications required for the construction, operation and maintenance of the network trusted identity system; customizing the development of a unified identity management platform to provide a unified network identity management service, online identity authentication service, unified access control management service and password and certificate application services for the tax information system; connecting with national and local e-government service platforms to realize “one-network handling”; providing unified identity management platform technical support services, etc. In the process of project construction, Aisino will use core technologies such as biometric identification technology, digital certificate technology, national secret cryptography, big data technology and AI technology. Winning the bid for this project is a manifestation of the strength of Aisino for more than 20 years of devotion in the golden tax project, expands the influence of Aisino in the field of information security and demonstrates the technical competitiveness of Aisino.

  After the project is launched nationwide, it will provide support for tax network identity management and control, guaranteeing the safe development of tax network space and accurate implementation of tax regulatory requirements and lay a solid foundation for deepening the governance of tax network space. In the future, Aisino will always uphold a high degree of social responsibility and mission, regard information security as the core, adhere to serving the national strategy, the national economy and people's livelihood, and lay a solid foundation for the fourth phase of the national golden tax.