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Aisino Wins the Bids for Multiple Smart Transportation Projects of Nanchang County Public Security Bureau

  In October and November 2021, Aisino Co., Ltd. successively won the bids for the procurement project of Traffic Management Brigade of Nanchang County Public Security Bureau of Nanchang City for upgrading and reforming the transportation facilities of Dinggang Avenue, the procurement project of Huangma Fenghuanggou parking guidance screen and truck restriction post, the new road traffic facilities procurement project of Traffic Management Brigade for Yinhu 3rd Road and the second procurement of newly built traffic facilities of Dounan Road (Liantang South Avenue-Dongxin Avenue) of the Traffic Management Brigade, with a total contract amount of RMB 11,924,500.

  In the project, Aisino will build a road traffic signal control system, a HD video electronic police system, an intersection video surveillance system, an intersection flow detection system, a parking guidance display system, etc. for Nanchang County in a bot to improve the hardware level and informational level of the county's traffic management system and facilitate the traffic management level of Nanchang County. The project will build a new model for urban traffic management in the new era and promotes more refined and intelligent urban road traffic management.