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Aisino Wins the Bid for the Law Enforcement Equipment Procurement Project of Haikou General Station of Immigration Inspection

  Of late, Aisino Co., Ltd. won the bid for the law enforcement equipment procurement project of Haikou General Station of Immigration Inspection, Hainan Province, with a contract amount of RMB 5,428,500.

  In the project, Aisino will provide Haikou General Station of Immigration Inspection with law enforcement equipment and supporting services. Starting from the innovation and reform of the existing police mechanism and through replacing manual operations with modern technology, Aisino’s products and services achieve the goal of “convenience, benefit to the police, intelligence and efficiency”, effectively improve the convenience and efficiency of entry and exit for foreigners and reduce the workload of immigration inspection personnel.

  In the future, Aisino will continue to deepen intelligent and data-based police building, have active reform and innovation, enhance R&D capabilities of core products, promote technological innovation and industrial upgrading, and help create a new ecology of smart ports.