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Aisino Wins the Bid for Dalian Commodity Exchange Warehouse Digital System Platform Software and Pilot Warehouse Project

  Of late, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) won the bid for Dalian Commodity Exchange DCE Warehouse Digital System Construction Project Platform Software and Pilot Warehouse Project, with a bid amount of 7.38 million yuan.

  Dalian Commodity Exchange is one of the five futures exchanges in China, and it is an important futures market for agricultural products, plastics, coal and iron ore in the world. In the project, Aisino uses technologies such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing to digitally transform the delivery material warehouses such as bulk grains, plastics and oils, improve the multi-dimensional supervision of warehouses and delivered commodities and improve the level of digitized regulation of credit, cargo flow and spot prices. Moreover, Aisino will help Dalian Commodity Exchange establish a comprehensive, multi-angle and all-day enterprise monitoring display platform that integrates monitoring and data analysis, establish a safe, intelligent, reliable, credible and controllable warehouse digital system to effective manage and control product delivery risks, and realize technological and intelligent delivery supervision.

  Winning the bid is the result of Aisino's system advantages and coordinated operations. It is a major breakthrough in the field of Aisino in the field of material storage. It is of milestone significance for Aisino in the development of intelligent grain storage business.