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Aisino Appeared at the 23rd China Expressway Informatization Conference and Technical Product Exhibition

  On April 22, 2021, the 23rd China Expressway Informatization Conference and Technical Product Exhibition hosted by the China Highway and Transportation Society opened in Suzhou. Aisino Corporation was invited to participate in the conference, highlighting the overall solutions and innovative products in the field of highway transportation informatization and urban intelligent transportation.

  The Exhibition Area of Aisino

  During the exhibition, Aisino’s “AI + transportation” demonstration application results, including “the latest national traffic control network and smart highway system”, “automobile maintenance electronic health file management system”, and “smart public transportation management system”, have attracted the attention from departments of transportation information management and industry experts. Among them, “the Digital Asset Management System for Trunk Roads” and “the Smart Operation Management System for Trunk Road Networks” won the " Best Product Award of 2021 China highway informatization” for the first time. This important industrial award affirms Aisino’s transformation and upgrading in the field of intelligent transportation in recent years.  

  The Exhibition Site

  The Award Ceremony and the Award

  2021 is the opening year for comprehensively enhancing China’s strength in transportation. As a leading enterprise in the field of smart transportation, Aisino obtains recognition from the "Transportation Industry Research and Development Center" of the Ministry of Transport. Aisino will seize new opportunities for development with new patterns and concepts, and work with partners to jointly integrate new technologies into transportation, so as to contribute to the construction of our country's transportation informatization and intelligence.