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Aisino signed a contract with Dajia Insurance Group on the VAT Management System Project

  Recently, Aisino signed a contract for the VAT management system project of Dajia Insurance Group to help its digital transformation of its taxation and meet its needs of tax informatization and high-quality development.

  In this project, Aisino will provide a personalized VAT invoice management solution for its all-risks products to establish a management system of output VAT, input VAT and tax declaration, taking into account the business scenarios and tax informatization construction needs of Dajia Insurance Group. Once the new system is put into operation, the functions of issuing all-invoice-types, automatic collection, checking and certification of input invoice, online statistical analysis of relevant data, and one-key declaration will be realized, which will significantly improve the efficiency of tax-related work and reduce enterprises’ costs relating to taxation.

  Aisino has been committed to helping enterprises’ digital transformation through tax informatization. This project is another typical case of Aisino in the field of tax informatization construction for group-type enterprises. The cooperation has further solidified the relationship between Aisino and Dajia Insurance Group and laid a solid foundation for Aisino to broaden its market in the insurance market.