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Aisino won the bid for the VAT Management Platform Project of CITIC Securities

  Recently, Aisino was awarded the project of VAT management platform of CITIC Securities, which includes the construction of VAT invoice management system and the function development of the electronic invoice platform.

  Established in October 1995, CITIC Securities has a wide range of businesses covering securities, funds, futures, direct investment, industrial funds and commodities, etc.

  Against the background of development of the electronic Special VAT invoice, Aisino has established a unified VAT invoice management system and electronic invoice management platform for CITIC Securities, taking into account the differences in its management model, the complexity of business processes and the business development needs. While meeting the needs of centralized management and control of CITIC Securities, the platform can also reduce its operating costs, improve the efficiency, reduce tax-related risks, and achieve further refinement, intelligence, multi-businesses development and high-efficient collaborative management, so as to promote the financial and tax integration development of CITIC Securities.

  This successful bidder has demonstrated Aisino’s strength in product R&D innovation, technical quality and tax informatization. The project has become a benchmark for the electronic invoice in the securities industry, laying a solid foundation for Aisino’s further market expansion in the financial sector and subsequent cooperation between the two parties.