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Aisino Won the Bid for the Construction Project of Training Base of Guangxi Technological College of Machinery and Electricity

  On January 4th, 2021, Aisino won the bid for the construction project of the training base, which belonged to the major of Machinery Manufacturing and Automation of Guangxi Technological College of Machinery and Electricity. This project will be jointly constructed by Aisino and Guangxi Aisino Information Technology Corporation.

  The training platform built by Guangxi Technological College of Machinery and Electricity is a smart classroom mainly focusing on cutting-edge information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence and their applications in education and teaching. It will be conducive to changing the teaching pattern from simple teaching to the interdisciplinary teaching with the characteristics of perception, experience, exploration and collaborative innovation. Aisino gives full play to its advantages in talents, technology and service in the field of informatization, providing an effective paradigm to promote the construction of training platform informatization in domestic universities and colleges.

  In the future, Aisino will persist in pioneering and innovation and give full play to its advantages, making its own contributions to the development of education informatization and cultivating more talents for the country’s economic construction.