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Asino Successively Won Bids for Multiple Projects in the Field of Public Health

  Recently, Aisino Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Aisino”) successively won the bid for  for the project package 2 of Anhui Province's 2020 departmental budget cold chain construction, Wuhu City's smart vaccination clinic management Information system and other projects.

  In the project, Aisino will offer smart devices such as handheld vaccine traceability scan code terminals for Anhui Provincial Health Commission, supporting the construction of the whole province vaccine traceability. At the same time, Aisino will build a full-process management information system of smart vaccination clinic for Wuhu Municipal Health Commission, to realize the full-process management informatization, paperless, and traceablility of vaccination business. The implementation of the system will effectively save the labor cost and time cost, improve work efficiency and ensure the accuracy of data.

  The implementation of the these projects will further enhance the market reputation of Aisino in the field of health and lay a solid foundation for further market expansion.