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The Grand Opening of the Innovation Summit of Smart Ecology Summons Government, Industry, University and Research to Layout the Future Development

  With global digitalization entering into a new stage of full penetration, cross-industry integration, innovation acceleration, and development leading, in order to fully implement the important instructions of the Party Central Committee on the construction of digital economy and actively promote the creation of a smart industrial ecology, the "AIsino World·the Innovation Summit of Smart Ecology" was officially held on November 1. The Summit was hosted by the China Electronic Information Industry Federation, supported by China Council for International Investment Promotion, People's Daily Online, and co-hosted by Aisino Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Aisino”).

  The Summit Venue

  With the mission of “serving the national strategy, the national economy and the people’s livelihood, assisting government governance, enterprise development, and achieving a better life”, the Summit brought together experts and scholars in the six fields of “government, industry, academia, research and funding” to provide advice and suggestions on the construction of a smart ecosystem. At the summit, Aisino officially released Aisino Enterprise Service Platform, which has become a typical representative focusing on technological innovation and smart industries integration to accelerate economic and social development.

  Chen Guoying Addressed a Speech

  Chen Guoying, the member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, stated in his speech that the host of the Summit aims at building a high-level sharing platform for elites from all walks of life, where they could make in-depth discussions on the development prospects of smart ecological innovation, and exchange the cutting-edge innovative technologies and achievements, so as to jointly build our country into a smart society.

  Shi Huikang Gave a Speech

  Shi Huikang, the Director of the Information Service Industry Division of the Information Technology Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, believes that as the transformation and upgrading of various industries continue to deepen, the information technology industry has entered a new stage of high-quality development. To realize the industrial leap and high-quality development, it is necessary for associations, leading enterprises and all parties in the industry to work closely to share the ecology and build a foundation.

  Gao Sumei, the Executive Secretary of the China Electronics Information Industry Federation, pointed out that intelligence has become the main trend in the development of the information industry. It is necessary to target the country’s major strategic needs and the commanding heights of future industrial development, and accelerate the construction layout around the key links and areas. Meanwhile, it is vital to create an industrial chain coordination mechanism, optimize the allocation of innovative resources and improve the development capabilities of intelligent information technology, so as to jointly build an industrial ecology, and promote economic development. The host of the Summit is an important step to build industrial ecology and "promote the intelligent development of the information industry".

  Drive the Construction of a Dual Cycle of Internal and External Digitalization into an Engine of Social and Economic Recovery

  China has made developing the digital economy and advancing the construction of a "digital China" as the strategic direction. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China specifically mentioned "digital economy" and "digital China". With the acceleration of China's digital economy, digital technology has fully demonstrated its value in the integration of production factors and the transformation of industrial structure. The “AIsino World· the Innovation Summit of Smart Ecology” is one of the most attractive high-level communication platforms in the industry. It brings together veterans from all parties in the industry, which is of great significance currently.

  Pan Jian Gave a Speech

  Pan Jian, member of the Party Committee, Director and Vice President of People's Daily Online, pointed out, “During the severe overseas epidemic, China still firmly chooses to open up to the outside world and strives to become a stable link in the global economic chain. The new development pattern proposed by China is to give full play to the potential of domestic demand, while maintaining a high level of full openness, so that the domestic market and the international market can be better connected, and the two markets and two resources will be better utilized." Digitalization will play an important role in this process.

  Yao Wenping Gave an Address

  Yao Wenping, the Vice President of the China Council for the Promotion of International Investment, believes that “The Summit acts as an important step to accelerate the construction of an innovative country. Under the new situation, China International Investment Promotion Association will work with many domestic high-tech enterprises to strengthen exchange and cooperation, explore business models, inject new impetus into economic development. We will endeavor to add new vitality, and expand new space."

  Abdul Darago Made a Remark

  Abdul Daragodi, Consultant of the China Chamber of International Commerce, said, “The international situation is changing rapidly, and we are facing major changes unseen in a century. Aisino shoulders the mission and embraces opportunities in going international, especially owing great potential in developing countries. We need to devote ourselves to applying new digital technologies and creating a partnership ecosystem. This open ecosystem is not only a win-win situation for all participants, but will also help the transformation of the world economy."

  Shang Shengli Made a Statement

  Shang Shengli, the senior expert of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, expressed his views on the application of digital technology in the field of finance and taxation. He believes that "the taxation digitization of large group is one of the core scenarios for the application of digital technology. The future digitization shall be strengthened from policy study and application, corporate tax budgeting and tax cost management and control, and the implementation of various corporate tax preferential policies, so as to enhance the digital level and efficiency of corporate financial and tax services."

  Ma Tianhui Delivered a Speech

  ??Ma Tianhui, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Aisino, stated that, “China’s economy is forming a new development pattern with the domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles mutually promoting each other. Emerging technologies are deeply integrated with various industries, and the digital economy has led a new round of industrial revolution. Aisino uses the enterprise service platform as the linking carrier to create an open and inclusive cooperation environment with partners, where we can jointly activate the cooperation momentum led by innovation, and jointly create a win-win cooperation situation."

  A Grand Release of Aisino Enterprise Service Platform; The Professional Digital Services Highly Recognized by Partners

  As a leader of digital constructor in China, Aisino has made solid work in "doing well in two cycles", which is obvious to all. In judging the development trend of China's informatization and digitalization, Chen Rongxing, the Deputy Secretary of the party committee and General Manager of Aisino, said that China's industrial development will present five major trends: firstly, informatization will be ubiquitous; secondly, informatization will reshape business process and organizational structure; thirdly, information security will become a prerequisite and guarantee for the valuation of data assets; fourthly, scenarios and requirements will lead industry development; fifthly, professional capabilities will migrate to the backstage.

  Chen Rongxing Made the Keynote Speech

  Based on the above, Chen Rongxing believes that the current new ecology of “co-construction, sharing, symbiosis, and win-win” is being formed at an accelerated pace. We must adhere to the new development concept. Sharing and openness will become the core of the platform capabilities for digital service providers. Under the ecosystem of platform economy, the core of "platform + product + service" will jointly create products and services that meet the digital and diversified needs of users in multiple scenarios. This will also promote the win-win situation of the entire industry chain.

  Aisino Enterprise Service Platform

  At this Summit, Aisino officially released the Aisino Enterprise Service Platform. Chen Rongxing stated that the Aisino Enterprise Service Platform takes "connecting enterprises, gathering services" as its purpose, and takes serving a wide range of enterprises and promoting sustainable development as its important mission. The Platform aims to connect enterprises and gather services relying on "online platform + offline network + ecological alliance" model. We hope to build an ecological platform centering on enterprise service industry with our partners, build a digital ecosystem of enterprise interconnection, to assist the construction of digital enterprises and the development of various industries.

  The above-mentioned concepts of Aisino and the Aisino Enterprise Service Platform have also been highly recognized by China Merchants Energy Transportation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Merchants Shipping), an important partner in the fields of smart transportation and smart logistics. Wang Yongxin, general manager of China Merchants Steamship, said, “Aisino and China Merchants Shipping have been performing the responsibility of state-owned enterprises for a long time and forging ahead together, which has created a model of digital ecology for the logistics and energy industries. China Merchants Shipping will continue to promote cooperation with Aisino in various fields, exploring diversified and multi-scenario digital applications, so as to help the development of the industry."

  Xu Shijun, the Vice President of Alibaba Group, said, “Alibaba and Aisino have launched a comprehensive strategic cooperation since last year, and have achieved fruitful results in cloud computing services and smart industries, fiscal and taxation services, government affairs, blockchain, and corporate market services. Alibaba’s mature ecology and huge user resources provide a huge application prospect for Aisino digital ecological services. The new exploration of Aisino in the digital field will also bring Alibaba and its users more professional service."

  Promote the Dual Development of Economy and Public Service, Build a Digital Power with Smart Industry

  Currently, China is vigorously building internal and external economic cycles. So, the development of Chinese digital economy will not only benefit domestic enterprises, but also has great business opportunities in the information infrastructure construction overseas. Hence, we need to continuously expand the international market to strengthen the connectivity of internal and external economy, so as to ensure a faster and healthy development of China’s economy.

  Zhu Yan Delivered a Speech

  Zhu Yan, Dean of the Internet Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua University, said that the epidemic is pushing the world into the era of data assetization. The Chinese government has successively issued a number of special plans to promote the digitalization of the economy, and proposed a goal of building a digital enterprise, a digital industrial chain and fostering digital ecology. In the future, digitization will become the basis for building a new economic order, and lead the transformation of production relations based on the three major advantages of data transparency, credibility of all employees, and identity equivalence. For traditional industries, the use of digitization can lighten the heavy-asset operation, and create more value through scale online economy. Smart ecological innovation, with digitalization as the core, will become an efficient engine for China's economic development.

  Yan Hongwei Gave a Speech

  Yan Hongwei, deputy director of the E-government Research Center of the Party School of the CPC, pointed out that digitalization will not only bring about important changes in my country's economic construction, but will also further enhance the capacity and level of public services and lay a firmer foundation for economic growth. Yan Hongwei said, “Digital government has expanded the extension of e-government. In addition to external government management and services, digital government also includes its own administration, management, and operation. Smart digital government takes intelligent management and service as the main feature, and improve the efficiency of government management, operation and service by means of intelligence, which has become an important support for the modernization of national governance capabilities."

  "The great changes in the world unprecedented in a century have brought us many opportunities. All parties involved in the smart industry are determined to seize the important period of development opportunities." The host of this summit, Ma Zhenzhou, the member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Aisino said, “This summit will further deepen the exchanges and cooperation of all parties and give play to the radiating and leading role of smart ecological construction on industrial innovation and development. We hope to work together to promote the rapid development of China’s smart industry and realize the vision of a digital power."