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Aisino Wins the Bid for China Telecom’s IT Equipment Centralized Purchasing Project (2018)

Recently, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) won the bid for China Telecom's IT equipment centralized procurement project (2018), with a value of RMB 347 million.

The project is a project of China Telecom Group Corporation to purchase basic equipment and services for China Telecom's operation business. It aims to ensure the stability of China Telecom's operation business and ensure the integrity of the basic equipment and services for innovative business. Aisino will provide China Telecom Group with excellent infrastructure equipment and nationwide project services to ensure the stable development of various businesses of China Telecom Group.

Winning the bid for the centralized procurement project of China Telecom demonstrates the technical level and comprehensive strength of Aisino in the field of telecommunications. In the future, Aisino will continue to innovate and leverage the market expansion capabilities of telecom services to contribute to the development of China's telecommunications undertaking.