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Aisino Ranks No. 4 among "the Top 100 Chinese Solutions Providers 2018"

On July 26, “the Top 500 Chinese Solutions Providers 2018” selected by Business Partner Consulting Organization was officially revealed in Beijing. Aisino Corporation (Aisino) was once again on the list of“the Top 100 Chinese Solutions Providers 2018”. It is also the 16th successive years for Aisino to be listed.  

Aisino on the List of “the Top 100 Chinese Solutions Providers 2018”

During this selection, Aisino also won such honors as “Top 100 Solution Providers by Market Value 2018”, “Top 50 Smart City Solution Providers 2018” and “Top 10 Government Industry ISV”.

The acquisition of a number of honors reflects the extensive recognition of Aisino in the industry solution research and development, IT integrated services and other aspects and highlights the leading position of Aisino in the domestic information technology field.