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Electric Exit-Entry Permit (EEP) to HK/Macau in Full Operation from Sept.15 Aisino Solely Provides Permit Production Equipment
According to the unified deployment of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), on the basis of successful pilot issuance in Guangdong, the exit and entry administration departments of the national public security organs will comprehensively use Electric Exit-Entry Permit (EEP) to HK/Macau from September 15, 2014.
Aisino Corporation (Aisino) is solely responsible for the production equipment and system development of EEP to HK/Macau. Based on modular design, the permit production equipment features good scalability and extensibility. The permit production developed by Aisino innovatively integrates a lot of advanced technologies in terms of RFID and information security and is out in front in domestic electronic certificate production field.
Since MPS began pilot in Guangdong from May 20 this year, in face of such actual situations as tight time and heavy tasks, Aisino has been fully exerting the advantages of its national service network to provide 7× 24 uninterrupted service with strict and meticulous working attitude and timely solve the problems in program implementation, ensuring the smooth completion of pilot and national availability.
As an overall solution and service provider with information security as core, Aisino has been undertaking the duties of a loyal defender since its inception and gradually extended the guarding shield from taxation to such fields as public security, transportation, finance, broadcasting, education, food logistics and food security. In future, Aisino will continue to rely on its technical advantages, talent advantages and rich experience in organizing large-sized projects to make efforts for the dream of “serving the country with industry” through the achievements of independently innovative technologies and make contribution to China’s information industry development, people's livelihood improvement and social stability maintenance.