Intelligent Vehicle Management System

1. Are you on the following intelligent vehicle management (working mode) modes:

1) Electronic toll collection (ETC)

2) Parking lot management

3) Free flow of vehicle network statistics

4) Ambiguous road identification, logistics tracing.

2. Do you face the following problems?

1) There are too many vehicles that the toll station is overcrowded.

2) The security of toll cannot be ensured.

3) The parking spot cannot be managed intelligently.

4) You want to figure out the vehicle information in real time so that the road section condition can be indicated and the city road can be planned intelligently.

5) You want to know how the vehicles are running on the ambiguous roads.

Aisino intelligent vehicle management system


Typical system application topological graph

The system provides the following functions

The main components of this system contain the road side unit (RSU), on board unit (OBU) and optical transmitter and receiver (or industrial personal computer). The communication between RSU and OBU follows the DSRC protocol and the communication between optical transmitter and receiver is through wireless or wire fashions. On this basis the system can be extended with peripherals such as sub-center, snapping camera, toll station barriers, coil, GPS terminal, GPRS terminal, key storage terminal etc.,constituting the customized reliable system for specific applications.

Coordinated with the peripherals, we can realize the quick toll for vehicles, bank-level security transaction control, transaction key remote authentication, vehicle flow information statistics, city transportation conduction and scheduling, obtaining the vehicle running route, tracing the vehicle position etc. based on the DSRC short-range wireless communication function.

Advanced technologies

This system is suitable for the ETC, parking lot management, gas station non-cash flow quick transaction, logistics tracing and relevant RFID extended applications. This system has the following advanced technologies:

Support the WIFI 2.4G application interface; support protocol IEEE 802.11g/n. The user can conveniently and quickly connect variety WIFI devices to the reader/writer and extend its own application service through WIFI.

   Reduce the expensive communication cable cost. Relying on the flexibility of network topology, it can construct all kinds of complicate data reading/writing nodes with lower cost.

   Easily realize the super-remote key authentication. It is more secure to place the authentication key card in the cloud side.

   RSU controller can control multiple RSUs easily, which will greatly reduce the equipment cost. It can easily realize the redundant equipment control, and ensure the stability of system efficiently.

   Fully support GB/T 20851 national standard ETC dedicated short-range communication protocol. It also supports the brand-new ETC national standard to extend its own applications by using the transparent transmission application interfaces.

   Support the adjustment of transmitting single power, which allows the user to adjust the antenna single coverage according to requirements in an efficient and controlled way. The main transmission form is the network transmission. Compared with the conventional ETC equipment employing the serial communication, it has a higher and flexible data transmission rate.

   Support 5.8 G logistics identification station function. Support high-way ambiguous road identification, and precise toll partitioning. Support the dynamic tracing and identification of Strategic materials logistics such as grain transporting and coal transporting.

   The user card follows the PBOC2.0 (national financial IC card standard) which is convenient for application function extension. By employing safety architecture and algorithm the same with the "China financial IC card specifications", any crack of one card will not influence the security of other cards; any catching of one transaction will not influence the safety of the remaining transactions.

   The vehicle information storage will adopt the secure access module (ESAM), which has the same security level with CPU user card, and ensures that the vehicle information cannot be modified arbitrarily.

   The system carries out the authority verification for each communication OBU to ensure the system security.

   Realize the applications of double-chip OBU with relatively low cost, low power-consumption and high security. As the backup system of ETC system, user card system improves the system reliability. By employing the CPU card as the storage medium, the system provides a safe and reliable way for prepaid card business.

3. Successful cases:

   This system can be customized according to the specific system requirements to satisfy different application demands. So far the successful cases include ETC project, Shanxi coal transporting clearance project, Shandong parking lot application project.