Border Crossing Security Monitoring System

To facilitate passage at national or territorial ports, improve border inspection efficiency, Aisino has developed the Border Crossing Security Monitoring System, including self-service inspection for passengers and vehicles, and baggage tracking and monitoring. This system incorporates advanced computer, network, fingerprint recognition, automatic monitoring and alarm technology, automatically reads and compares information of arriving and departing travelers for identification, and completes customs clearance inspection. This system has already been used at ports in Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shenyang, Beijing and many other cities.

In the Border Crossing Security Monitoring System, the passenger self-service inspection sub-system streamlines passage of arriving and departing travelers through the "self-service inspection channel", a key equipment of the subsystem. "Self-service inspection channels" are available with one single gate, two gates and multiple gates, and incorporate fingerprint recognition, facial recognition and other technology for automatic biometric comparison for automatic and fast clearance. Meanwhile, the "self-service inspection channel" utilizes infrared sensors, measurement light curtains, body sensors and video analysis techniques to analyze and identify the state of the channel, for identification of abnormal passage, carrying of abnormal items, and abnormal trailing in real time, so as to achieve automatic control of passenger flows.

The self-service vehicle inspection sub-system combines video analysis and gate equipment, to enhance control over areas for vehicles and detection of passengers in the channels, effectively preventing passengers from illegally entering the vehicle channels and preventing vehicles and passengers from illegally following normal vehicle flows. It monitors and analyzes the vehicle and passenger channels, and send alarms automatically if any abnormality is detected, so as to enhance control of the inspection channels.

The baggage security monitoring sub-system combines X-ray screening machines, video monitoring systems, and customs information systems, covering the airport's whole baggage waiting area with the Internet of Things technology, to monitor, locate and control of suspicious baggage. At the same time, this sub-system conducts all-round management and analysis of passengers, baggage, vehicles, environment and security personnel data, providing real-time early warning, not to let go any "problem" baggage and greatly enhance the security upon border crossing, while ensuring the efficiency of border crossing.


Suitable for applications for endorsement by individual and group tourists to and from Hong Kong and Macao; can be added with other functions based on users and specific conditions, and can be flexibly used in public security, law enforcement, civil affairs and post offices for identity verification and document issuance.            

Successful cases

Electronic Laissez-Passers to Hong Kong & Macao Project of the Ministry of Public Security

Self-Service Inspection and Port Clearance System Project for Shenzhen Border Security General Station

One-Stop Port Clearance System Project at Wenjindu Border Security Station, Shenzhen

Self-Service Border Crossing Inspection Channel System Project for Xiamen Border Security General Station

Key Baggage Recognition System for passenger screening at Customs, the Capital Airport

IoT-Based Passenger Screening and Baggage Monitoring System at Customs, Shenyang

Integrated Expatriate Service and Management Information System Project of the Ministry of Public Security

Entry/Exit Documents Specimen Database System Project of the Ministry of Public Security