Intelligent Government Office

1.Are you on the following office modes:

Basic cooperative office processes: received files transaction (sign in, sign out, processing, reviewing, instructing ), sent files transaction (drafting, reviewing, type-setting, proofreading, foundry proof, sign for issuing, sealing, distributing, returning), internal requesting (drafting, reviewing, instructing), meeting management (registration, application, reviewing, notification).

2.Do you face the following problems?

1.Do you worried that how the government office can work?

2.Do you concern for the processes of government office?

3.Do you troubled that you cannot obtain the information that the higher authorities pay attentions to?

4.Do you confused on how to guarantee and evaluate the government office efficiency?

3.Aisino intelligent government office solution


(1)The system provides the following functions

The government office solution employs the information techniques to provide the government organizations with all-pervasive office automation services including cooperative office, supervision and management, risk management, resource database, process management etc.. The all-aspect comprehensive and reliable office platform will improve the efficiency and avoid risks.

1.Cooperative office

With electronic official document as the core, this system combines the four main business applications (internal documents, affairs, meetings, information) with two key businesses (external document transmission, exchanging) and integrates document processing, meeting management, leadership activities, duty management, file management as a whole system. It standardizes the working regulations and reduces the working flaws while realizing the government office automation and improving the overall working efficiency.

2.Supervision and management

This system can trace the realization of important decisions, work deployment, leadership approval, and affairs, give indications in real time and transact them in due course; it can feedback the problem reflected by media and internal reports or other inspected items.

3. Security

It comprehensively manage and match the file information secret level, file content secret level, approval comment secret level, transaction process secret level and operator secret level to achieve the protection on different levels, which can fully satisfy the transmission and transaction of confidential files.

State tracing

It can trace all affairs to be processed or those have already been processed, and determine the next transaction process based on their states. Furthermore, it can trace the read and process state of all information, trace the latest state of business processing and the transaction time or comments of approval authorities. It even can trace the modification history of each person.

Online approval

It can edit the file online without downloading it to the local computer. The editing interface is easy to use, and have special functions such as modification saving, printing, generating PDF file and two-dimensional bar code.

(2)Advanced technologies

1. Core technologies

  Integrated communication

  Intelligent document

  Two-dimensional bar code

  Modern encryption

2. Technology features:

  High integration level and reliability

  Excellent applicability; flexible to operate

  Over 100% office efficiency improvement

  Over 50% office cost reduction

4. Successful cases:

The government office automation solution establishes a unified data center for information resource centralization, processing and exchanging. We also construct the overall office system according to the working flow control, integrate the business process, and realize the cooperation office. It contains core office works such as document management, file management, government information management, meeting management, duty management, supervision and management. It is compatible with all processes of paper office so that the upgrade of office automation can be completed successfully.