National citizen voting fingerprint application solution

1. Is your country on the following election working mode?

The conventional paper ballots need to be printed in advance, delivered and recovered manually.

The secret ballots put forward higher requirements: practicability and operability, which demands to process mass data.

The statistical registry information of election is stored in the database that has the risk of inaccuracy and deliberate fraud. Voting training and lack of propagation will result the voting error, overdue voting and voting waiving. Varieties of flaws and cheating exist in a long time in the practical voting.

2. Do you face the following problems?

Duplicate registration

Substitution registration

Low efficiency of voting

Election fraud

3. Aisino national citizen voting fingerprint application solution

System topological graph

Registration working flow 

Product components

Mobile acquisition equipment

It is an all-aspect system including every components required by mobile registration such as the camera, fingerprint scanner, printer, notebook computer and corresponding software. The optional peripheral battery can support power as long as 8 hours. This system can select dynamotor or solar panel as the power supplier. Those devices are contained in a firm but easy-to-transport safety cover. The safety cover has the shockproof, waterproof and dustproof functions.

Main functions

1. Elector registration information system

Enter the elector information and take elector's fingerprint information (10 fingers) and image information.

Elector registry information entering records all necessary information such as personal information and address which is convenient to upgrade the elector registration and voting system into the population information and ID card management system.

2. Elector voting information system

By taking the biometric information (image and fingerprint) it can verify the elector's identity.

Automatic biometric identification system (ABIS)

Automatic fingerprint identification system (AFIS) can realize the identity verification to all electors. Compare the identity with l:n scale for duplicate identity checking when the elector registries.

Automatic image identification system: As the auxiliary function for the minority of elector, we establish an automatic image identification system.

Over registration (duplicate registration checking) can discover the duplicate fingerprint and image information, and take this elector into the black list.

3. Data exchanging platform

Use the rational database management system (RDBMS) to store all the data. AFIS/ABIS exchanges data based on ANSI/NIST standards. Through standard AFIS interface, the system can cooperate with other systems. The data satisfies the ANSI/NIST ITL fingerprint data exchanging standard, and IAFIS-IC-0110,V3- WQS fingerprint image compression specifications and CJIS-RS-O010,V7 EFTS requirements and principles on IAFIS image quality specifications.

Data exchanging service can operate the reliable and error-free data transmission through massage passing middleware. It can also realize the data transmission by manually taking disks such as file copying.

This platform mainly contains the information exchanging between central data center and election registration reception, including functions such as data quality checking, data transmission and data receiving. Data exchanging subsystems have data importing, remote data transmission, and local data management functions.

1. Comprehensively satisfy the national election requirements

2. Convenient operation

3. Comprehensive statistics and strong searching function

4. High level software standardization

5. Full services

6. Excellent data reliability

7. High system security

8. Convenient to maintain

To tackle the questioning of election frauds in the past presidential voting, Nigeria introduced a fingerprint voting system that can strictly restrict frauds for presidential voting in early 2011. Due to the innovated and diversified product solution, Aisino successfully completed the fingerprint information acquisition project for Nigerian presidential election in 2011. It provided Nigeria with the large-scale fingerprint solution including 80 thousand fingerprint acquisition equipments.