Intelligent warehouse and logistics

1.Do you face the following problems?

Do you feel troubled to the disordered cargo scheduling?

Do you feel troubled to the cargo information management?

Do you fell troubled to the logistics traceability?

2.Aisino intelligent warehouse and logistics solution


(1) the system provides the following functions

The system design adopts the 3-layer architectures as shown below:

Information acquisition layer

Install the RFID pallet label through pallets. The unique ID number of the label or the user-coded code can identify and read/write the products on the pallet circularly. The pallet label is associated with product information when packaging. The label information can be automatically collected to realize the system function of cargo information acquisition.

Data transmission layer

The RFID reader/writer collects the pallet label information and sends it through corresponding communication interfaces to the background system. It is further analyzed. The communication interface can be selected according to user’s requirements, such as RS-485, RS-232, Ethernet, WIFI or GPRS etc..

Cargo management layer

After receiving the reader/writer data, the PC terminal or background warehouse management and data center will analyze the data to determine the processes such as cargo storing, exporting, transporting, inventory, delivery. Meanwhile it will generate the detailed reporting list, and make processes in the system. According to the key node information such as storing and exporting, it will trace the products.

(2) Advanced Technologies  

The existing warehouse and logistics management system uses the barcode label warehouse and logistics management invoice to support the warehouse management. However due to the weak points of the barcode such as easy to copy, non-moistureproof, which is subject to resulting the avoidless artificial loss. The manual-operation-oriented warehouse management has a very low efficiency, and the cargo sorting, searching and inventory are time-and-power consuming, which makes the existing warehouse management has defects all the time.

By employing the RFID technique to operate the warehouse and logistics intelligent management, firstly install the RFID electronic label, and determine the cargo storing, exporting, allocation, transporting, inventory processes through the warehouse reader/writer identifying the pallet label information. Carry out the automatic data acquisition by RFID reader/writer to ensure the speed and accuracy of data input in each warehouse management process, so that companies can master the actual data of warehouse inventory in time. This can realize high efficient cargo tracing and real time inventory, which is beneficial for improve the working efficiency of warehouse management, avoiding the time-consuming and labor-consuming conventional warehouse management. It will helpful to keep and control the company inventory reasonably, and to make company operating with high efficiency. By scientific coding scheme, it is conveniently to manage the product batches and quality guarantee period. By using the system product location management function we can search the current locations of all the stores.

3.Successful Cases: Warehouse and Logistics Visualized Platform System of Gree Electric Appliances Gree Electric Appliances, the large scale manufacturing enterprises in China, has a relatively loop-locked producing and warehousing in management mode and processing. In production and operation it is hard to realize the fine management for single manufacturing product and material components, and difficult to make the production line scheduling absolutely accurate. It cannot fully trace the production processes, and the personnel costs are high. The information acquisition and recording are outdated. As to the warehouse management, it cannot search the product information and locate the product position quickly. Also exporting and importing information recording is difficult. The resources are scattered so that material wasting is a serious problem.

According to the existing problems and requirement of Gree, Aisino develop a warehouse and logistics visualized platform system. This platform is based on the RFID technique, composed by the professional RFID node positioning device, professional acquisition device, routing communication equipment and RFID electronic label carrier supporting. The platform system consists of three sub-systems: the RFID manufacturing visualized system, the RFID warehouse visualized system, the RFID container positioning system.

The introduction of RFID technique is a great application to fundamentally change the manufacturing management and optimize company resources. It also accelerates the all-aspect development of company. By bringing the internet of things RFID technique into the Gree enterprise has significantly improved the production efficiency, reduced the costs. The company management mode has transferred from the rough outline operation management to scientific precise management.