Intelligent Tax

 Are you on the following taxing modes:

Basic taxing process: the Company reports the financial data monthly; the tax bureau determines the tax that the Company should pay; the tax bureau staff visits to levy tax; statistically analyze the tax data.


The system provides the following functions

1. Diversified tax data reporting channel

Besides the face-to-face seMce provided to the taxpayer. based on multiple technical means such as network, short message, phone, third party channel, the taxpayer can choose the self-relevant businesses through different service channels. He can also apply for the tax businesses and consulting by multiple combined channels

2. Unified tax data interface standard

The intelligent tax system establishes a unified tax data receiving standard, ensuring that the tax-paying data is uploaded to the background database in a standard format.

3. Unified tax portal platform operation system

Support unified user management, authority management, and single location login.  Provide the tax-payer and tax bureau with a unified user interface with one login for multiple transactions.  Provide the tax-payer registration, tax declaration, tax-payer accounting management, tax accounting, tax law enforcement, data analysis, invoice management.

4. Multitier tax data management system

The intelligent taxation system can realize the multitier tree-like monitoring network. It can process and monitor tax information of tax bureaus at all levels in a real-time manner.

5. Real-time tax data analyzing and warning mechanism

1) Invoice amount warning: according to the date range (month, season, year) and warning threshold, generate the warning messages to the tax-payers whose invoice amount growth rate is over the threshold. Export the list for check.

2) Refund amount warning: according to the date range (month, season, year) and warning threshold, generate the warning messages to the tax-payers whose refund amount proportion is over the threshold. Export the list for check.

3) Failed to report machine warning: according to the date range and warning threshold, generate the warning massages to the machines failed to report. Advanced technologies

a) Multitier system architecture manages the data with programs, data control and application logic in a layered and independent way to control the information access more strictly.

b) Properly introduce the SOA architecture. Construct the extendible tax management service framework to meet the requirements of future taxation reformation and business development.

c) Employ the database server cluster technology to ensure the high efficiency and reliability of application services and data storage.

d) Provide the excellent security system to protect the tax-payer's information security in the perspectives of access security, data security, interface security and security audit. It can prevent the information transmitted between tax-payer and tax bureau from being distorted by using data encryption and data signature. Use multi-level firewall technology to separate the internal networks and external networks to ensure the system security

4. Successful case: Tax Informationization in China

According to the situations described above, Aisino provide the Chinese tax bureaus with a suite of intelligent taxation system solution. This system was updated 4 times in the last 20 years. bearing over 4 million users and 65 million invoices/month tasks Aisino intelligent Tax Informationization system will reduce the company management cost, and improve the working efficiency. It can help the government to enhance the tax collection and management quality and efficiency. The tax amount is increased by 1000 billion RMB per year, which guarantees the financial security and improves the national economy development. The advantages of this case:

Figure l:

Are you on the following taxing modes:

After the Tax Informationization , the tax rate in China is 85%, which achieves the taxation levels of developed countries.